Sparkling Pignoletto

The fine perlage, the refined taste, the harmony of the bouquet: our sparkling Pignoletto is a wine aged for a short period on the lees capable of expressing classicism, vivacity and freshness in every bubble.

Lively symphony of fruit and flowers, white peach and grapefruit, lily of the valley and jasmine with a touch of green basil on the finish. The touch of almond and citrus adds charm to its fresh and young taste.


Moma Bianco

Three vines, one native - Trebbiano - and two international - Sauvignon and Chardonnay - for a single wine, three elements rightly balanced for a fine but at the same time decisive result.

Chardonnay reaches the nose with ripe notes of Golden apple. The aromaticity of Sauvignon gives balsamic and herbaceous notes of geranium leaf and green pepper; Trebbiano completes its complexity with its charisma and the uniqueness of the territory. In the mouth it is fresh, youthful and snappy.

Sangiovese Cà Grande

Tradition and research, body and lightness: Ca 'Grande is pure Sangiovese, a mono-varietal wine that fully identifies with the territory in which it is produced. Elegant and harmonious, it brings with it a pleasant fruity note.

Sangiovese in its expression of Superiore. It has an intense ruby ​​red color that enchants the eye. Pleasantly fruity between floral notes of dog rose and violet. Dry and harmonious, it enters the palate with a decisive and elegant step and then closes in a tannic touch, reminiscent of freshly roasted coffee.


Moma Rosso

The blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot designed for Moma Rosso comes from the desire to surprise. The intensity of the bouquet and the softness of this wine in fact evolve with every sip.

The protagonist Sangiovese offers charisma, intense aromas of purple plum. Cabernet Sauvignon in late harvest gives class and softness. Finally, Merlot stands out with its sweet herbaceous notes. Velvety on the palate, it closes with great balance in all its parts.



Laurento is a Sangiovese Riserva which takes its name from the same farm. 100% Sangiovese, it ages for 24 months in large Slavonian oak barrels. One of the most successful expressions of the territory of which we are witnesses.

Intense ruby ​​red with purple streaks. The nose meets delicate notes of plum, blackberry and blueberries, and then stops on vanilla and wood. On the palate it is elegant, refined, balanced, with an important, velvety and creamy tannin.


One of our most iconic wines could only take its name from the village now surrounded by our vineyards. Between Umberto Cesari and the Liano hill it was love at first sight, in the early 1960s. Umberto Cesari's intuition was to start everything right here, deciding from the first day to plant Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon that gave rise to Liano. Strong, soft and elegant, with fruity hints of forest and black cherry jam: Liano is a wine of great impact, elegance and complexity.

Intense ruby ​​red wine that recalls crunchy fruit to the nose. The intense black cherry is present with its dense pulp, then opens letting its very calibrated spicy notes prevail over the sweetness. It closes with an intense length and with a lot of harmony.



Tauleto takes its name from an expression used by farmers who have always worked on our fields. In the local dialect, with the term Tauleto they are used to indicate a land rich in water; It is therefore no coincidence that under the Sangiovese vineyards of the Tauleto farm there are two springs which ensure that the water stress of the plants is reduced to a minimum. Tauleto is a powerful red wine, with great structure and longevity, balanced and complex. The strong character is balanced by soft tannins and spicy and red fruit scents. It is a blend of Sangiovese grapes harvested and selected only in the best years with the addition of 10% of Longanesi, an ancient native vine recently recovered and reintroduced by Umberto Cesari. It is aged for 24 months only in new Allier barriques and is then refined in the bottle for another 6 months.

Wine with great charisma, its dark color tends to majestic purple hues. Initial balsamic notes which then turn into ripe and very sweet fruit. The taste is powerful, very long on the finish with a lot of pulp, intense, soft and tannic.